I wrote this after watching Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men. His portrayal of an old, tired and world weary sheriff was so impressive.


We Shall Be Dust

I’ve sat here so long my coffees full of mould
Eyes tired, slowly fading just like the rest of me
And my memories, like smokey water, slip away

I recall churches, the praying of the heathens
See colours that once mixed become distinct 

I’m to worn out to stand up strong, if I ever did
I’ve lost the words that once I should have said
Now I stare at tired wood, the hours ticking by

I remember all lost lovers, kisses and soft sighs
Eternal promises that turned to blood and bone

I’m done, just to weak to grasp at the scythe
Kiss the cold blade, let its steel caress take me 
Perhaps I fear the thought humans can recycle 

I’ll sit awhile longer, I’ve no reason or place to go
Hope all I am turns to dust and falls to the floor