Two more poems to like or not. Your choice.

A Poet. To be or not.

Inky lines and words that rhyme
Are said to be the best
When trying to a Shelley or a Heine
Or one of all the rest
Beast, feast, heat and beat are clues
On how you end a line
Or every other line if it lights your fuse
Don’t worry it’s all fine
Punctuation will trouble you more
To use or not to use
Don’t stress or fret that’s just a bore
No need for mind abuse
There’s styles to suit all kinds of taste
A minefield for the novice
Take your time, don’t write in haste
You’ll enjoy, that’s a promise.

Breaking Up

I’m tired of standing perpendicular against your raging storm
Is giving love to you so bad that it breeds your undiluted scorn
You miss me when I’m gone then you diss me when I come home
I bring flowers into your dreary life and you cut me to the bone

Instead of bending into the hurricane of your endless rage
Perhaps I should turn around and let it push me off the page
Far from the heavy cloud that presses down on both of us
Into the sunshine embrace of someone who makes no fuss

It won’t be easy cause there’s chains to break and love to die
I’ll have swim the salty waters as your crocodile starts to cry
One day soon I’ll breath in deep and make that scary leap
Turn in a new direction and chose to leave while your asleep