Inspiration comes at anytime, words tumble and crash in the head. Time to write it down, play around and hope it works. If it doesn’t nothings lost. It’s not the end of the world, THAT is coming from all around us faster than we think!


                                              Eyes Blind, Mind Blank

                                            EXTINCTION IS COMING


It’s not to late

We are the Earth’s worst enemy

Late arrivals in its eon history 

Monkey men fighting for survival 

Now endangered, climate fighting

Raping all our earthly resources 

Air breathers, we are now polluters 

Gods creatures die on the run

Extinction by the poachers gun

Can we learn from past mistakes 

Change all our destructive ways

Live on in reconstructive days



It’s a lifelong tragedy to be civilised

Yet edge ever closer to extinction

Be slaves consumed by our greed

Blind as we rush into the withering

Of Earth’s gifts given to sustain us

Lemmings on the path to the abyss

Taking no heed to the consequences

Our planet raping will surely bring us

Rapidly and surely to our extinction



            Orangutang: ‘Person of the Forest’

Desolation lies around me, growth has died, seed suicide

Soil dries, cries for rain but the sun denies this in its pride

Yet here I sit, Orangutang, clinging to this solitary tree

Bark cracked, leaves have all but left, so now it’s just me

Memories remind me of the time before all things died

When tree’s were legion, when rain told me the world cried

Back then I wasn’t lonely, wife and child, many friends 

Climate changed but humans wouldn’t make amends

First my forest was taken slowly by humans with machines 

Profit, greed, no thought in the rush to grow more proteins 

Second, came heavy rains that drowned and took the soil

Then, from my solitary tree, I saw heat make water boil

The sky is empty, the birds have all flown, dying on the wing

The only sound is when the dry winds make my tree sing

My stomach is as empty as this harsh and desiccated land

Soon I will fall to the brittle, dry, earth when I let go my hand

There to lie, my hair and flesh dried and blown with the wind

But before I pass, I will remember all those of my kind

Living free in the swaying green, feeding, loving, raising young

Orangutang’s; I am the last of our kind and my memory is long



Dirt dust and fly blown sand

They tell me this was once green land

Down and dirty no pay work

Daily digging countless holes

Hoping for the mother-load


Water spade water blade

You fight to dig dig to die

You have no shade

Your tongue laps sand

Seeking drops of Earths sweet life 


Dust devils tumbleweed

Kiss the cities empty streets

Broken glass broken souls

Sensing deaths soft caress

Killing first blood quenching thirst


Water spade water blade

You fight to dig dig to die

You have no shade

Your tongue laps sand

Seeking drops of Earths sweet life


Hydrocarbons gave out first

The haves retreating behind walls

The have nots left to drift in droves

Walking digging tattered rags

Searching skies for signs of rain

Savage hearts in savage times


Water spade water blade

You fight to dig dig to die

You have no shade

Your tongue laps sand

Seeking drops of Earths sweet life


Will we still be fighting each other 

When our planet spins its last 

Still dying of thirst and hunger 

Unheeding as our star grows larger



Why do we have nothing, why are we still poor

The rich ignore us, we are all shit at their door 

Austerity is over so why are we as skint as dirt

Our church is empty, dark, silent, so full of hurt

There isn’t a Motherland to feed our daily need

Our stigmata are the red bloody tears we bleed 

Now we hear the world is heading to extinction 

Its our time to go, nature makes no distinction 

The poor are the walking dead in a dying world


Washed Away

There came a night when the last ice flowed

Morning light, cities drowned, blue sky bright

The poor, floating, lives given up to the flood

Still the rich can’t hold their breathes for ever

Water, cold & dark creeps its way still higher

This liquid apocalypse takes away tomorrow 

As Mother Earth washes away all trace of us


                      Bomber 666

You ride the helltrain on its away from heaven

On the long road down to Satan’s halls of fire

See there are two sides to the number seven

The seven heavens rejected your soul as dire

For you awaits one of the seven gates of hell

Where you will join in the agonies of the fallen

Your silent screams drowned by a tolling bell

From your promised virgins you will be stolen

For eternity your eyes will look up to the stars

And cry dry tears at the pointless waste of life

Your kind cause by your senseless holy wars