Here are three poems in their rough cut state. Maybe I’ll finish them someday!


Once I was a butterfly but now I’m just a flutterby in history

A salmon leaping to his future selves now a distant memory 

We hope you remember us as you float on the gone-ice seas

Where once the white bears roamed, fed and took their ease

The ticking clock of fate, the fate of us all fell on deaf ears

As you dug, drilled, spilled, drained and weaponised fears

You are all Icarus flying and dying from the heat of the sun

And in your passing you will show us that our time is done


               Wrong choices

We’re all wallowing in a pit of darkness 

Wailing for the two thousand year son

To ride his three king comet and return 

Buddha, Allah, Jesus Christ or whoever 

Lots of prayers but nothing coming back

Except a one way ticket to our oblivion 

We should have stayed ignorant in the sea 

Instead of getting dry feet and a big brain

Welcome all, welcome to our own bad dream

Its not just in space you can’t hear us scream

We’ve hurt Earth in the morning and the night

Our saviour isn’t going to come and intervene 

So our existence is just hanging by a thread

Our Angels now exiled from heaven and Earth

We bow before the Babylon Whore at our peril


               Back In the day!

I’ve rolled my smoke cause I’m no dope

Soon I’ll be high flying without a care

I’ll still be here but no one will be home

As I roam in slow time outside my mind

I might not be the most intelligent guy

But in the haze I open up my third eye

See the colours denied me in the real