Puppet Messiah took over eight years to complete as my co-author, Keith Stevens and I were both in full time work and fitted in research and writing when we had time. Sadly the big London agency that signed us up with great promises failed to deliver and we both decided to put it on to Amazon for a modest charge.
With no marketing or promotion it has sold only modestly over the intervening years and has received some good reader reviews.
Growing work pressures killed off my desire for writing until 2015, when I was challenged to write four short stories by Keith. Since then I have written other short stories on and off and then in 2017 I got the poetry bug from Graham. Many of these show my anger or cynicism with our unending appetite for war and its long time partner, religion. Others are my observations on life.
I have no formal training in writing so I hope you find some of my offerings enjoyable and or thought provoking.