It’s time to put my new dress on and become tv
You can turn me on, take a seat, sit and see 
The drama that is me. I’m not ill or sick you see 
Just mixed up trying to find the me that is me 
Behind my curtains nothing scares me any more
I can leave behind the sadness I carry in the sun  
Dance in darkness pretending it is moonlight
Dream the wickedness I can’t when going straight 
All I want is somebody to love me the way I am
Not think I’m sick or hate and quickly run away



I stare out the window, wet with rain, cold to touch
The glass presses at me pushed by the angry wind
Wet cars and homes lie forlorn, there’s no one about 
Far off in the bay the grey sea meets the grey sky
It’s warm inside and that’s where I’ll stay, for today



Do all of us have one hero
Someone we could try  to be
Somebody we could live up to
Or would they be a let down
When you dig below the skin