Who am I?

Graham NormanSomewhere between the complacency of content
and the silly hills of happy,
I have a home, a house, a hold.

Somewhere between my home and right out there,
I have a place to walk, to think, compose.

Somewhere between a walk and flight
is the flocking of thought, swirling like starlings.

Somewhere above the birds and below the sky
I look down with my crow’s eye and there am I.

  • Birth name – Graham Norman
  • Born 8th August 1948
  • Died sometime in 20**
  • Reader from age 4
  • Writer from age 50

Writes poetry, fiction, faction, friction, essays, prayers, plays


Poetry Collections

  • Swerve
  • The Hours (with Gisela Hoyle)
  • Blessed by Rain
  • Laelaps
  • The Wanderer
  • Morph
  • The Manipulative Monkey
  • Walking Pentameters



  • The Irritating Zen Master
  • 2084


Short stories

  • The Funniest Day of my Life (collection)



  • The Trial of Adam and Eve
  • Javelin (with Kate Ball)