Author: Trevor Amos

We’re live at last!

January 2018 proved to be a bit over optimistic for our website to go live! Life events and other tasks overtook both Graham and but I can now say that we have both got the job done. I have put out an announcement about ‘going live’ onto my FB and LinkedIn pages to, hopefully, generate some web traffic. My novel, Puppet Messiah has been refreshed and given the new title of ‘The Sulla Conspiracy – Volume 1 – Messiah. This was given a short period of free downloading on Kindle and shifted 20 copies but no reader reviews as yet. A controlled Amazon marketing campaign is under consideration, probably in July 2018. My first volumes of short stories and poems are also on Kindle and, depending on the outcome of marketing The Sulla Conspiracy, will also be promoted. I have two new short stories part finished and am a another 10 poems into creating volume 2....

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Finally finished

A big day today as I have finally managed to update my novel, short stories (volume 1) and poems (volume 1) onto my web site pages and links to Kindle all work. I’m ready to go live! Two new short stories are underway as is volume 2 of my...

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Nearly ready to go live!

Well my promise to complete my tasks re updating my profile and publishing is under way. Just uploaded my first short story collection to Kindle (with help from my mate and novel co-author Keith). Should be live in next 48 hours! And, I managed to change my profile...

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Its hard getting there!

Well we have had our website up and running since the summer of 2016 and as I sit here in January 2018 neither Graham or I are ready to publically launch this. I guess its a combination of many things but primarily being retired doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. On the contrary, I have Rotary and other volunteer work plus I’m enjoying having a home life after 16 years of working away. I have to admit that I have been reluctant to face the challenge of formatting stories and poems into Kindle or LuLu etc and also a tad afraid of editing and updating the website. As you can see from this post I have made a start. Short story collection one is Kindled ready to be uploaded and then its onto my first poem collection. My goal is to get this done by the end of January 2018. If only I can figure out how to replace the hideous photo of...

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My route to writing

Puppet Messiah took over eight years to complete as my co-author, Keith Stevens and I were both in full time work and fitted in research and writing when we had time. Sadly the big London agency that signed us up with great promises failed to deliver and we both decided to put it on to Amazon for a modest charge. With no marketing or promotion it has sold only modestly over the intervening years and has received some good reader reviews. Growing work pressures killed off my desire for writing until 2015, when I was challenged to write four...

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