Author: Trevor Amos

Another month passes by.

And so April 2019 draws to an end. The year is flying by and I vacillate between writing and not writing. Enthusiasm to continue writing waxes and wanes. So I have the following offerings still to be offered: a sci-fi novella called – Bibliotheca Galactica a short story called- Mounds of the Gods an unfinished horror story called- The Long Hunting a short series of poems called – 21st Century Fear & Rage Plus a few other poems and stories halted at an early stage. If anyone is interested in reading these before publishing email me and I’ll send a copy.

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A rare review.

A bit late sharing this review of my Mind Rubble short stories! 4.0 out of 5 starsWell worth a read 21 January 2018 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase Mind bending is the word. A fairly random set of stories that are well worth a read. Some curious takes on God (any god) and the biblical stories. The author’s mind is difficult to read – goodness knows where any sequels might take...

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A much delayed blog!

It’s the journey that counts! I’ve been retired for three years now and having more free time has allowed me to do more writing. One novel but now mainly short stories and poetry, although I have just completed a novella, which is in the formatting and editing stage as of this blog. My writing will never make me rich or famous but 45+ years of working hard, climbing the management ladder and giving up family life has provided me with a comfortable retirement and getting my life back has opened up opportunities to give some time to helping those less fortunate. In my case, helping means giving three mornings a week to distributing supermarket ‘waste’ food to schools, food banks and other charities. Believe me, when I say it brings home to you how lucky you are when you meet people and families that struggle to live day to day. It beggars belief that, in 2019, the number of people battling to survive is increasing when they live in the 5th largest economy in the world but this is what ten years of UK government austerity programs have done; School kids that go hungry at home. Families that go without food for days on end. People that work full time only to end up in debt and poverty at the end of each month. People having to forgo food...

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We’re live at last!

January 2018 proved to be a bit over optimistic for our website to go live! Life events and other tasks overtook both Graham and but I can now say that we have both got the job done. I have put out an announcement about ‘going live’ onto my FB and LinkedIn pages to, hopefully, generate some web traffic. My novel, Puppet Messiah has been refreshed and given the new title of ‘The Sulla Conspiracy – Volume 1 – Messiah. This was given a short period of free downloading on Kindle and shifted 20 copies but no reader reviews as yet. A controlled Amazon marketing campaign is under consideration, probably in July 2018. My first volumes of short stories and poems are also on Kindle and, depending on the outcome of marketing The Sulla Conspiracy, will also be promoted. I have two new short stories part finished and am a another 10 poems into creating volume 2....

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Finally finished

A big day today as I have finally managed to update my novel, short stories (volume 1) and poems (volume 1) onto my web site pages and links to Kindle all work. I’m ready to go live! Two new short stories are underway as is volume 2 of my...

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